Yoga classes in York

Breathe – Move – Release


We seek to encourage a Yoga practice that heals us emotionally, physically and mentally


One Mindful Yoga offers a variety of yoga classes from the challenging and dynamic, to the mindful and restorative. The Yoga classes will expand a Yoga and Mindfulness practice that will support us to live with more self-awareness, whilst combining conscious breathing with flowing sequences.


icon-green-25x25icon-green-25x25 Cultivate Self-awareness
icon-green-25x25icon-green-25x25 Alleviate Stress
icon-green-25x25icon-green-25x25 Improve sleep
icon-green-25x25icon-green-25x25 Increase flexibility
icon-green-25x25icon-green-25x25 Develop strength
icon-green-25x25icon-green-25x25 Promote relaxation
icon-green-25x25icon-green-25x25 Enhance memory
icon-green-25x25icon-green-25x25 Encourage community spirit


To continue to forge connections with the NHS to integrate Yoga for health and well-being. In particular, to deliver the innovative 8-week Minded Yoga Therapy course which is specifically designed to regulate mood and emotions. The course will explore Asana (postures) practice, Pranayama (breath control) and Mindfulness to encourage more fulfilling life experiences.

Here’s what our students say about us

I love yoga as it helps with my flexibility which is quite poor though I think the main benefit is that I do have rather an anxious nature and I find yoga helps me relax. Doing yoga helps clear my mind of all the things I am currently worrying over and I just focus on doing the exercises. I can tell how much it relaxes me as I almost fall asleep at the end of the session!
Clare Dixon

My yoga practice always makes me feel calmer and happier. Any niggling worries seem less important and I feel more relaxed and sleep well.
Wendy Woodfile

I find that Yoga makes me feel refreshed yet relaxed, as well as much more flexible. As an endurance coach it is also something that I recommend to athletes as an ideal complement to their sport.
Richard Smith

I’m sure I experience many more benefits than I realise from my yoga practice. I do know however that it helps me relax and distress and it helps to clear my mind (I always seem to have so much going on in my head). On a physical level it increases my flexibility. When I think I’ve improved my postures it gives me a sense of achievement and boosts my confidence.
Tina Holiday

We seek to inspire you to strengthen your body whilst bringing calmness and peace to your busy mind.

Yoga calms the fluctuations of the mind, improves flexibility, strength and balance. It’s for anyone, in any environment.

In yoga we come together with the intention to stay in tune with life in the present moment and to bring awareness to one’s self.